Yesterday I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with alternative participatory research designs. In a workshop facilitated by Butterfly Works, we spent our time organizing and negotiating pictures, thinking alternative dystopian futures through storytelling and simply catching up with a range of inspiring people.

On this session:

Explore and become inspired by the world of creative and participatory research! In this pressure cooker workshop, you will find out how people could research their own lives, their context or even themselves. We will do this on the basis of the Exploration Lab; a form of participatory research that makes use of the insider’s perspective to explore a research question.

Creativity involves the free, personal and imaginative while research is supposed to be systematic, objective and all about gathering facts. Combining these seemingly contradictory terms results in an alternative approach. It allows for unexpected insights that can inform effective solutions to complex social problems. Butterfly Works hosts a yearly creative research inspiration session to explore new tools and methods.