The second week of the Digital Methods Summer school (@UvA) was devoted to creating a way to evaluate the regularities and controversies around open data portal accessibility together with the DATACTIVE team. Open data portals are meant as a means for governments to ‘open up’ data to NGOs, commercial parties, and citizens. This process of ‘opening up’ large amounts of data as a metaphor in practice very much depends on complexities of disclosing the right information in an accessible manner. What the results show is that open data portals are very much a signifier of the shift in ways of organizing from a category-based way of organizing which presupposing an expert public – to an attributed, indexed and metadata enriched (see for more information on this ontological transition, see Shirky , Clay. 2005 . Ontology Is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags).

A more elaborate wiki is published on the DMI website, and for a shorter version please find our presentation on the topic below.