Als onderdeel van de Viral Challenge van studievereniging Off-Screen, heb ik een korte lezing gegeven over academisch onderzoek naar virals. Vindt de uitleg van de challenge hieronder, en een link naar de slides daarna.


Welcome to the very first edition of the Off-Screen Viral Challenge! What is viral? How do virals go viral and how do virals effect you? Learn all about it on the 6th of March! This day will be the start of a new game. Can you manage to go viral with your own video within one week? Try and find out!

First there will be a short lecture about viral media, given by two media experts. At the end of this lecture the game rules will be explained and the Viral Challenge will start! The winner will be announced exactly one week later, at the 13th of March.

Do you dare to go viral?

Link naar de slides