update: an extended version of this research, looking into transparancy and tracker activity on Dutch Municipalities has been published by the Volkskrant.


In light of my in-house research position at the Fontys hogeschool voor de journalistiek, I had the chance to work more extensively on tracker research. Over the last 3 months, I have been looking into the use of web trackers (or third party tracking cookies) on municipality websites in Noord Brabant.

This research has been reworked into a boot camp I organised for students at the Hogeschool. In this one-day program I taught them the basic logic and skillset/tools for data privacy or tracker research online. During the boot camp students got the chance to curate a series of websites of their likings with which they would start their own tiny investigation.

Header image at the top of this post: a network of outgoing http requests of a series of visited websites using Firefox Lightbeam 3.0 developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Together they visualise how visitor data is being shared in a data ecosystem.