“Are there more people like you?” The exact wording of the question took me off guard for a moment. I look at her questioningly // she looks at my name tag. “People who think about the challenges we face in such a fresh way” (conversation during networking event)

‘Media Anthropologist’ is what my business card will read, because I’m quite at home in media research, but as an interdisciplinary thinker and do-er, I happy moving between disciplines, languages and perspectives. In my opinion, this cross-disciplinary approach is absolutely necessary to tackle the many transition issues we face.

As an entrepreneur with a soft spot for social/societal issues, I help organisations focus on the right question, retrieve data from innovative sources, and translate it into strategic insights – and always in clear language and with productive visualisations.

Previous work can be found in reports by Berenschot, Greenpeace International, and the University of Amsterdam, among others.

Curious? Send a message, happy to chat!

I can be reached at 06 245 428 07 or via email [@] jeroendevos [.] nl

In short the numbers:

  • 9+ years entrepreneur,
  • 5+ years media/data analyst,
  • 9+ years qualitative target group research,
  • 5+ years project management and communications,
  • 30+ clients in public, academia and not-for-profit sector,
  • ∞+ domains -e.g. media and journalism, entrepreneurship, research, activism, technology, diversity and inclusion, creative industries, policy.

At home in: audience research, interviews, lean startup/product owner, social media analysis, Talkwalker, Obi4Wan, Coosto, Python, Excel, gephi, OSINT, data visualisation, web scrapping, and big fan of open source.