lean coach
internet researcher
humanities researcher

Keen on exploring the upsides and pitfalls of combining data analysis practices with ethnographic traditions. Where data analysis has a strong exploratory potential, bottom-up interviews help to explain, validate and scope the analysis. At home in messy data, scraping social media, social network analysis on the one hand and qualitative research, hypothesis making and interview techniques on the other.


Email: mail [a] jeroendevos [.] nl
Phone: +316 245 428 07
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmdevos/
Lean startup coach: www.leanapproachcoach.nl
Startup ecosystem researcher: www.startupecosystem.nl
Researcher @UvA: DATACTIVE


For a more structured overview of my research and consulting activities, check out my resumeĀ in Google Drive