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DMI summerschool part 1 – Tracing Stock Photography

  Last week, we presented the results of one week of intensely collaborative internet research.…

Kick-Off Social Mapping @Nieuwwij

Last Wednesday, we organized the Kick-Off of the Social Mapping research @NieuwWij. For the coming…

Creative Research @Butterfly Works

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with alternative participatory research designs.…

Presenting at IoTRotterdam

Presented ‘exploring radical inclusiveness’ The theme ‘inclusive society’ may evoke a notion of an ideal…

Presenting social entrepreneurship ecosystem

  Last week I was invited to share my research findings on the startup ecosystem…

Startup Ecosystem research

Based on my Media Studies rMA, I made a project website to show the results…

London Social? Tracing Social Discourse in the UK Startup Ecosystem at DMI

  As part of the DMI summerschool, I conducted a comparative research on the UK-based…


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You can find me either at the UvA Venturelab, the ImpactHub Amsterdam or DATACTIVE


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