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Find a sample of case-studies related to my work as lean approach coach. Drawing on Lean startup and qualitative research methods I reach out, get in touch and critically engage with people as part of larger market research. Also, see

Teaching Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Media

  Together with Mirjam Prenger, I am co-organising and teaching the course Creativity, Innovation &…

Nu ook als acteur

Naast mijn bijdrage als lean approach coach voor de Vraagapp, waarvan versie 1.0 recentelijk is uitgebracht,…

VraagApp 0.8 version launched

A short update concerning the development of the Vraagapp. After three series of interviews with…

Creative Research @Butterfly Works

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with alternative participatory research designs.…

Humanities Venture Lab @UvA

  Recently, I joined the Venture Lab Humanities of the UvA. about venture lab humanities…

Lean research case: Vraagapp

For the coming weeks I will be conducting lean research for Vraagapp: about Vraagapp [in…

New modes of production: Social & Startup entrepreneurship

part of the ‘Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Media’, I was able to conduct an…

Why research for entrepreneurs, Mastclass @HvA

  This November I was invited to organise a masterclass part of the honours program…


Find my complete and (most) up-to-date resume on google drive


Phone: +316 245 428 07
Email: mail [a] jeroendevos [.] nl


You can find me either at the UvA Venturelab, the ImpactHub Amsterdam or DATACTIVE


For a more structured overview of my research activities, check out my resume in Google Drive