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At the University of Amsterdam, I am involved in DATACTIVE, a ERC-funded research project that looks into the politics of big data according to civil society keywords: massive data collection, privacy and surveillance | social movements, activism and internet activism | internet infrastructure, cybersecurity and their governance | open data and civic tech networks. Also see:

Another active year @DATACTIVE

Just heard that my contract with DATACTIVE will be extended with another year. Or, even…

DATACTIVE Fieldwork at SHA2017

From the 4th to the 8th of August, I have the luxury of attending the…

DMI summerschool part 2 – Assessing Open Data Portals

The second week of the Digital Methods Summer school (@UvA) was devoted to creating a…

Politics of network graphs

    part of the results of the collaborative reading I did within my rMA…

Finished Pre-BKO

Just finished my Pre-BKO, the preparatory course for the BKO which will start in Octobre…


This September I will start as a Research assistant at DATACTIVE   about DATACTIVE We…


Find my complete and (most) up-to-date resume on google drive


Phone: +316 245 428 07
Email: mail [a] jeroendevos [.] nl


You can find me either at the UvA Venturelab, the ImpactHub Amsterdam or DATACTIVE


For a more structured overview of my research activities, check out my resume in Google Drive