Talking to your customers can avoid unnecessary detours, but how to speak to them? The lean approach coach helps to integrate validated learning into your everyday business cycles.

“The help to really listen to, hear and understand what your customers want”

“A research-based, academically validated and unorthodox approach, that works”

-Jan Hein van Joolen, Mentor-Investor



Approach your customers


Introduce lean startup thinking in your team


 Get from interview data to strategic information







1. Challenge your assumptions through open questions

2. Get from interview data to strategic insights using coding

3. Conclude through validated learning

4. Implement process in everyday business cycles



Working with Jeroen has been valuable to our company in multiple ways. Initially he helped us to rephrase the problems we were running into, to subsequently provide us with the tools to do our own qualitative customer research. The strategic insights gained in the research workshops helped to validate our every next step we needed to take. Secondly, the workshops were of great means for teambulding purposes. I noticed people suddenly started doing things they had not considered before. -Michel Visser, Founder of Konnektid.


Collaborating with Jeroen worked as a great reflection on our current developments. He was able to translate our initial questions into a research of great added value. Interpreting the results he gained from a variety of independently conducted research interviews, he presented us with quite impressive and refreshing insights upon our communicational framing and business model. I would definitely recommend consulting Jeroen for any questions that could use qualitative bottom-up light shining. – Kurt Hamming, Co-Founder Browncow.


As part of the Honours program on entrepreneurship at the HvA, we invited Jeroen to conduct a masterclass on the importance of doing research for entrepreneurs. With a mixture of an academically informed framework and more practical exercises, he knew how to make students properly engage with research practices. I feel they were taught a valuable lesson on the crucial importance of research, with Jeroen being a formidable teacher who can easily draw from both theory and practice. – Martin Haring, Program Manager Entrepreneurship HvA


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