Though vision and passion are great drivers for innovation, strategies are still in need of a reality check. As businesses evolve, whether you are a startup or a more established company, progress will not always be self-evident.


Clear cut exploratory research is essential to any lean product or business development. Its qualitative data can make any pilot more efficient and focused, form a great basis for communication strategies, frame your target audience or help to flesh out the right business model.


My specialty as a qualitative researcher is to start with open ended questions working towards a set of clear hypothesis led by interview data. Either conducting a research team or working alone, I use empirical research to ground my advice which will provide feedback on which direction to head and most importantly, shed light on urgent topics that might have been overlooked.



Status Quo Report

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Great research starts with good communication, therefore any evaluation is preceded by a set of short consults to help outline and question your current situation. A short report rephrases the current issues into open-ended research questions and helps evaluate the method, schedule and resources.

Strategic Advice

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Research projects might vary from short, sharp cut and quick test of assumptions or overlooked insights, to more elaborate and thorough research with immediate implementation and testing. Any open-ended investigation is geared towards a clear set of operationalized conclusions.

Conducting Research


Whether working together with an existing research team, or including non-researchers in the project, collaboration can deepen any investigation in terms of knowledge and resources. Conducting extensive research might include lectures, workshops and project management. Moreover, stepping out of one’s role will help team-building and involvement with the company/product on a different level.


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